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A functional urban landscape seamlessly phases into different areas of shared or personal living spaces. Within the urban landscape, structures that define outdoor spaces, create functionality, and balance the architectural and landscape elements of an environment, are generally enhanced or defined by hardscapes installations, including intricate brick work. DPMSI has the knowhow and experience to design and install terraces, retaining walls, patios, paver walkways, pathways, entranceways, driveways, decorative boulders and stone. We have an enormous selection of stone and pavers to choose from in which we can share with you during our onsite consultation and design process.
Our team of experienced installers can handle any type of hardscape project that can be imagined. We are here to listen to your ideas and will work side-by-side to aid in the creative process to merge your urban landscape with the extended element of your property.  
incorporating boulders that weigh out at several tons. When creating any of our specialty water features, we hone in on our observational awareness to the surrounding landscape to assure the design of your water feature complements its surrounding environment. We also work with integrating various assortments of aquatic plants to complement the design and biological needs of all of the water features we design.
At DPMSI, our ability to create environments stems from over 30 years of full urban landscape management, landscape design, installation and creating tranquil water features integrated within the urban landscapes to differentiate it and  bring together an incredible mix of natures complexities. Our custom water features are specifically designed to gently extract you from the pressures of your day-to-day, ease your thoughts and act as a finishing piece to your urban landscape - it is also a lasting property investment that improves with age. Waterfalls, koi ponds and babbling streams are some of our specialties. We can use virtually any type of stone, boulder or even a variety of "man-made" stone to create any look for you.

Our well experienced designers, partnered landscape architects and installation crew can see through, from conception through completion, waterfalls that range form 2 - 10+ feet in height, koi ponds from 5 - 150+ feet in width and babbling streams 15 - 300+ feet in length. Not to mention 

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Dahlman's Landscape Management specializes in Landscape Design, Organic & Organic-Based Fertilization, Pest Management & Florida Friendly Landscape Management Services for the Manatee & Sarasota counties, encompassing Bradenton, Ellington, Lakewood Ranch, Palmetto, Parrish, Sarasota and Venice, including the barrier islands of Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Lido Key, Bird Key, Siesta Key & Casey Key.

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