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now, unfortunately most urban landscapes are severely dependent on synthetic food used as nutrients and a plethora of chemicals to mask or band-aid pest and disease issues. Our programs revitalize and re-establish the life within the soil. Believe it or not there is an ecosystem that flourishes within the soil called the "soil-food web". We use custom designed, organic, bio-nutritional products and highly concentrated compost teas, full of life, that are of food-grade quality, to systematically re-introduce "new life" back into the soil.

This is quite a monumental step that delivers visually desirable results within the urban landscape while helping to mitigate many environmental problems. In addition, governmental regulations and black-out periods are minimized by our program.

After a thorough review of a clients urban landscape has been conducted, our specially trained, state certified technicians start the revitalization process by applying the same beneficial single celled micro-organisms, beneficial bacteria and fungi and beneficial nematodes that create a healthy soil biology (a.k.a. soil food-web). Throughout our clients yearly service cycle, our technicians continue monitoring the landscape for insect and disease issues/stresses. If we encounter an outbreaks of any sort, we may step-in, if needed, and spot-treat the problem area with a synthetic based product or utilize an organic product to remedy the situation if requested. The beneficial living elements that are applied to the landscape will start establishing themselves, reproducing and continuously release readily available nutrients needed to feed the entire landscape while promoting the develop of vast root zones for the creation of truly health turf, plants, shrubs, trees and palms. We will continuously introduce new life to the urban landscape throughout the year; helping to sustain the development of the new "soil food-web"

You can think of the products we apply as "probiotics" which act similar to products people use - you've seen the commercials… These products also feed the new biological life; keeping it healthy and continuously producing the nutrients your whole urban landscape needs.
We are sure you may have a few questions regarding our revolutionary approach to urban environmental health care and we encourage you to call us as we would love chat with you in greater detail about it. We also have University studies available from North Carolina State University, Pennsylvania State University and Perdue University available upon request that support the foundation to our program.    
Since 90% of urban landscapes within Florida are treated with traditional fertilization and pest control programs, the vital life within the microbiology of the soil has been destroyed or severely crippled. This life is what allows turf and other living elements within the urban landscape to grow naturally, but 
DPMSI utilizes an organic-based and at times a fully organic program to revitalize and re-establish the natural health of urban landscapes. We have minimized the use of chemicals and other synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are typically applied to turf, plants, shrubs, trees, and palms, by 50-70%. This translates to the reduction of nitrates, phosphates and other chemicals released into our environment and waterways. Most importantly, we have reduced our negative impact on our environmental footprint while sustaining the LUSH GREEN LAWNS you have come to know and love that are now safe for our pets and children to play on as well as the rest of us humans.

Organic-based Fertilization & Pest Control

Dahlman's Landscape Management specializes in Landscape Design, Organic & Organic-Based Fertilization, Pest Management & Florida Friendly Landscape Management Services for the Manatee & Sarasota counties, encompassing Bradenton, Ellington, Lakewood Ranch, Palmetto, Parrish, Sarasota and Venice, including the barrier islands of Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Lido Key, Bird Key, Siesta Key & Casey Key.

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