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As DPMSI continues to lead the way with Urban Environmental Management Services, a large portion of our maintenance efforts focuses on water management. After all, it's the most important piece to the urban landscape management cycle. Proper water management and hydration is the lifeline and survival mechanism to any landscape. As we know, Florida has dry seasons as well as wet seasons and it is vital to perform monthly irrigation inspections, of the entire irrigation system, to ensure that all irrigation components are functioning properly and the appropriate water volume is being disbursed to the landscape. Thus, we need to keep in mind, too much water is just as detrimental as too little water being applied, for the health the landscape, so each scenario presents its own scope of problems that can be difficult to deal with if the irrigation is not properly monitored on a regular basis.

To save our clients time and money, our skilled irrigation technicians will create specialized watering programs that suite the needs of all plants, shrubs, turf areas, palms and trees on the property. We understand that water is a valuable resource. As a result, we gear our watering programs around all water restrictions put into place by the state and local government so the landscape can get the most out of regulated times presented for hydrating properties. Our irrigation specialists perform monthly irrigation reviews, design strategic watering programs, conduct a vast range of repairs such as broken heads, valves, split or broken lines, zone reconfiguration, address pump problems and much more.   

which is to do what is right for the landscape; disregarding the shortcuts 99% of the industry takes when working with clients and their properties. The approach we broadcast across our accounts is holistic in nature, based off our surroundings and untouched native environments in which we have designed our services to emulate in order to support naturally healthy plants and landscapes. For this to happen, we need to be open minded and willing to except change; with regard to our traditional train of thought and expectations. DPMSI, as a whole, works with nature to produce desirable outcomes instead of fighting and forcing nature do something it wasn't designed to do.

34 years of operation has provided us with extensive experience in managing many types of environments, including a broad  range of Residential Clients, Lavish Estates, Homeowners Associations (HOA), Community Development Districts (CDD), Luxury Apartments, Office Parks,  Retail Centers and Municipalities. Moreover, all our workers are "Best Management Practices - BPM" certified through the state of Florida. As we know, an urban landscape management program can not be the same or designed verbatim from another clients property. Our landscape management programs are custom designed with local government restrictions taken into account as well as the micro climates and seasonal factors endemic of Florida. While providing a "Top-Caliber" level of service,  we bridge this service into our focus while understanding the needs, goals, and visions of all our clients.  Our urban landscape maintenance division provides full service landscape management including  mowing, edging, trimming, blowing off, drop-crotch shrub pruning, bed weeding, monthly irrigation monitoring and repairs, arbor care, palm trimming, organic-based pest management and fertilization, mulching, container maintenance, and annual installation programs. 
DPMSI is recognized as the leading Gulf Coast Urban Environment Management Group. Our philosophy is positioned at the center of all our work, 


Every service we provide has its own specialized team who are experts at what they do, as all team members have been trained for many years on the job. For instance, we would never ask our drop-crotch pruning team to mow, weed and blow off your property or have our weed management technicians diagnose your irrigation system. Every single part of our company is strategically positioned into groups because we demand expert knowledge, focus and communication  to continually service and monitor all aspects of the properties we manage. DPMSI will become a regular on your property with several appearances per month, unlike traditional landscape maintenance companies who "mow-and-go" and don't reveal the details to their maintenance schedule or way of operation.

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Dahlman's Landscape Management specializes in Landscape Design, Organic & Organic-Based Fertilization, Pest Management & Florida Friendly Landscape Management Services for the Manatee & Sarasota counties, encompassing Bradenton, Ellington, Lakewood Ranch, Palmetto, Parrish, Sarasota and Venice, including the barrier islands of Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Lido Key, Bird Key, Siesta Key & Casey Key.

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